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0.036kg 6201 - 2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearings With Stop Grooves Sealed Type ID 12MM

Place of Origin China
Certification ISO9001-2015/SGS
Model Number 6201 - 2RS
Minimum Order Quantity 10
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Independent packing
Delivery Time based on quantity
Payment Terms T/T in advance
Supply Ability 7.5KKPCS/Month

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Product Details
Weight 0.036kg Oil Speed 24000 R/min
Cr 6.82kN Cage Type Stamping Steel , Brass
Model 6201-2Z Seals Type Sealed
Cor 3.05kN Material Bearing Steel
High Light

Sealed Type Deep Groove Ball bearing


6201 - 2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearings


0.036kg Deep Groove Ball bearing

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Product Description

0.036kg 6201 - 2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearings With Stop Grooves Sealed Type ID 12MM

Product Description:

The Deep Groove Ball Bearing, model 6201 - 2RS, is an exemplary component in the field of precision engineering, designed to cater to a wide range of rotary motion tasks across various industries. This bearing is characterized by its robust construction and the ability to support radial loads while accommodating moderate axial loads in both directions. The product's exacting specifications and features make it an optimal choice for applications requiring high precision and durability.

At the core of the model 6201 - 2RS's design is the deep groove geometry, which allows for excellent load-carrying capacity. The deep groove ball bearing with dust cover is particularly adept at handling the challenges posed by environments where dust, dirt, and potential contaminants are present. The dust cover acts as a protective shield, maintaining the integrity and longevity of the bearing by preventing the ingress of particles that might otherwise compromise its performance and lead to premature failure.

Furthermore, this deep groove ball bearing boasts an impressive Cr (dynamic load capacity) of  6.82kN. This high load capacity ensures that the bearing can withstand significant forces and stresses during operation, making it suitable for high-speed applications that demand reliability and consistent performance under pressure. The dynamic nature of the bearing's load capacity allows for a wide array of applications, ranging from electric motors to conveyance systems, and from automotive to industrial machinery.

The model 6201 - 2RS bearing features an outer dimension of 32mm, which makes it a versatile fit for numerous settings and installations. This outer dimension is a critical measurement, as it dictates the bearing's compatibility with housing and shaft sizes, ensuring a proper fit and seamless integration into existing mechanical systems. The precision of the outer dimension is a testament to the meticulous manufacturing process that guarantees a high-quality product.

Another significant attribute of this deep groove ball bearing is its inner dimension of 12mm. This dimension is crucial in determining the bearing's fit on the shaft it is mounted on. A precise inner dimension ensures a snug and secure fit, which is vital to the bearing's performance, as it reduces the likelihood of play or misalignment, factors which can negatively affect the bearing's operation and service life.

The weight of the bearing is a mere 0.036kg, which underscores its design efficiency. Despite its lightweight nature, there is no compromise on the bearing's structural integrity or performance. This low weight contributes to the overall reduction of the assembly's mass, which is advantageous for applications where weight savings are critical, such as in aerospace or high-speed machinery.

For applications requiring even more space-saving solutions, the thin wall sealed deep groove ball bearing variant of model 6201 - 2RS offers an excellent balance between compactness and performance. The thin wall design allows for a reduction in the cross-sectional area, which can be a critical factor when space constraints are a primary consideration. Despite the reduced wall thickness, this bearing maintains its high load capacity and protective sealing features, ensuring that it does not sacrifice performance for size.

In summary, the Deep Groove Ball Bearing model 6201 - 2RS is a highly versatile and dependable component that is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern machinery. With its exceptional load capacity, protective dust cover, precise dimensions, and lightweight design, this bearing stands as a superior choice for a vast range of applications. Whether you're looking for a standard deep groove ball bearing or a specialized thin wall sealed version, the model 6201 - 2RS offers the high performance and reliability essential for today's dynamic industrial needs.



  • Product Name: Deep Groove Ball Bearing
  • Seals Type: Open / Sealed
  • Inner Dimension: 12mm
  • Cr: 6.82kN
  • Oil Speed: 24000 R/min
  • Out Dimension: 32mm
  • Deep groove ball bearing with dust cover
  • Deep groove ball bearing with sealed ring

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Model 6201 - 2RS
Cage Type Stamping Steel, Brass
Cor 3.05kN
Oil Speed 24000 R/min
Out Dimension 32mm
Seals Type Open / Sealed
Material Bearing Steel
Inner Dimension 12mm
Cr 6.82kN
Width 10mm


The Deep Groove Ball Bearing is a versatile and widely used bearing type that finds its application in a multitude of scenarios due to its robust design and high performance. These bearings are precision-engineered to cater to a range of rotational speeds and loads, making them suitable for a variety of industrial, automotive, and commercial uses. The product attributes for Deep Groove Ball Bearings include renowned brand names such as SKF, FAG, HRB, TIMKEN, all of which are synonymous with quality and reliability. Manufactured in China with the assurance of ISO9001-2015/SGS certification, these bearings meet stringent international standards.

Customers can place orders for a minimum quantity of 10 units, with the price being negotiable based on the requirements. Packaging details are meticulous, ensuring independent packing for each bearing to prevent damage and contamination. The delivery time is contingent upon the quantity ordered, while payment terms are convenient with T/T in advance. With an impressive supply ability of 7.5KKPCS/Month, these bearings can fulfill even the most demanding order volumes.

The bearings come in different configurations, including Deep Groove Ball Bearings with sealed rings, which are ideal for applications where contamination prevention and lubricant retention are of utmost importance. These bearings provide a solution for environments where dust, debris, and moisture could potentially impair bearing performance. The sealed variant of Deep Groove Ball Bearings ensures longevity and optimal functionality even in harsh conditions.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings with stop grooves and stop rings are another innovative solution that offer additional mounting security. This design feature prevents axial movement within the housing, enabling the bearing to maintain alignment and perform efficiently under axial loads. The cage types available for these bearings include Stamping Steel and Brass, providing options for different application requirements. The inner dimension of 12mm is a standard size suitable for a wide range of equipment.

For applications demanding high-speed operations, these bearings come with Grease for Maximum speed of 19000 R/min and an Oil Speed of 24000 R/min, allowing for flexibility depending on the lubrication method used. Whether the application requires open type bearings for easier maintenance and inspection or sealed bearings for protection against contaminants, these Deep Groove Ball Bearings cater to various user preferences and application scenarios.




Place of Origin: China

Certification: ISO9001-2015/SGS

Minimum Order Quantity: 10

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Independent packing

Delivery Time: Based on quantity

Payment Terms: T/T in advance

Supply Ability: 7.5KKPCS/Month

Oil Speed: 24000 R/min

Grease for Maximum speed: 19000 R/min

Width: 10mm

Cage Type: Stamping Steel, Brass

Seals Type: Sealed

Explore our range of high-quality Thin wall sealed deep groove ball bearings , designed for applications requiring a low-profile form factor without sacrificing performance. Our Thin wall sealed deep groove ball bearings are perfect for compact and efficient designs. Additionally, our Double row deep groove ball bearings offer increased load capacity and are ideal for handling radial and axial loads in both directions, providing versatility and reliability in a wide array of applications.


Support and Services:

Our Deep Groove Ball Bearing products come with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure optimal performance and a long service life. Our product support includes detailed product documentation, materials on installation and maintenance, as well as troubleshooting guides to assist you with any potential issues. We also offer regular updates and enhancements for our products, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technology and quality. Should you require further assistance, our team of skilled engineers and technical specialists are available to provide expert advice and support. We are committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction through our professional technical services.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Deep Groove Ball Bearing:

Each deep groove ball bearing is individually packaged in a clean, anti-static bag to ensure protection from contaminants. The bearing is then placed in a sturdy cardboard box with shock-absorbing material to prevent damage during handling. For larger quantities, multiple boxes are securely placed on a pallet, wrapped, and strapped to maintain stability during transportation.

Shipping of Deep Groove Ball Bearing:

All orders of deep groove ball bearings are dispatched using reputable courier services to ensure timely and safe delivery. The outer packaging is clearly labeled with handling instructions and tracking information for ease of logistics and to allow customers to track their shipment. Customers are advised to inspect the package upon arrival and report any damage immediately for prompt resolution.



Q1: What brands of Deep Groove Ball Bearings do you offer?

A1: We offer a variety of top-brand Deep Groove Ball Bearings, including SKF, FAG,HRB, TIMKEN .

Q2: Where are these Deep Groove Ball Bearings manufactured?

A2: All of our Deep Groove Ball Bearings are manufactured in China, ensuring high-quality production standards.

Q3: Do your Deep Groove Ball Bearings come with any certifications?

A3: Yes, our bearings are certified with ISO9001-2015 and SGS, reflecting our commitment to quality and reliability.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity for your Deep Groove Ball Bearings?

A4: The minimum order quantity for our Deep Groove Ball Bearings is 10 units, allowing you to purchase in small or large volumes based on your requirements.

Q5: What are the payment terms for purchasing Deep Groove Ball Bearings?

A5: Payment for Deep Groove Ball Bearings is required via T/T in advance. This ensures a secure transaction and prompt processing of your order.

Q6: How are the Deep Groove Ball Bearings packaged?

A6: Our bearings come with independent packing, ensuring they are protected during shipment and arrive in perfect condition.

Q7: How long does delivery take for Deep Groove Ball Bearings?

A7: Delivery time for our Deep Groove Ball Bearings is based on the quantity of your order. We will provide an estimated delivery time once your order details are confirmed.

Q8: What is the price of your Deep Groove Ball Bearings?

A8: The price of our Deep Groove Ball Bearings is negotiable, depending on the quantity and specific requirements of your order.

Q9: What is the supply ability for your Deep Groove Ball Bearings?

A9: We have a robust supply ability of 7.5 million pieces per month, ensuring we can meet large-scale demands in a timely manner.